Tour Seattle By Sky

Welcome to the home of the Classic Helicopter Corp (CHC)/Seattle blog! From tour testimonials to coverage of our flight school, this will serve as a fun yet informative resource for all things pertaining to the beautiful Seattle skyline.

First, meet our talented team! Ichiro Seshima, CHC president and owner, is a long-time helicopter pilot. He has racked up over 9,000 hours in the air by serving as pilot-in-command; a certified flight instructor, instrument; and a designated pilot examiner. Seshima has been with CHC in various capacities since its founding, with roles ranging from instructor to chief pilot and operations director.

Greg Baker serves as an owner of CHC and is also a certified flight instructor. Baker has been a partner of CHC since 2009.

Finally, Jeff Snyder has served as an owner of CHC since 2009 and also owns Pacific Helicopter Leasing. Snyder operates CHC’s RHC Service Center.

For nearly 30 years, our team has provided a variety of services out of Boeing Airfield in Seattle, Washington. In 1982, Karen Walling, a pioneer in the helicopter industry and the first-ever employee of Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC), founded CHC. Today, we serve as a dealer and service center for RHC helicopters, including the Robinson R22, R44, and R66. In addition to Robinson helicopter sales and services, our corporation, which holds certificates in Part 135 and Part 141, offers touring and charter services as well as aerial photography and video services.

We also run a reputable flight school and are known for successfully training a number of foreign students. For more information, please visit us at and